Dec 17, 2012

2012-12-17 Step to buy lelong house until get the property

Below is what I understand now. Please let me know if I miss out anything.

Look lelong notice
Call auctioneer check detail
Try get the SOP
Survey on the house
Check bank valuation
Check recent transaction
Check renter rate
Buy banks draft
Attend auction
Win in auction
Sign memorandum after success
Look for bank offer
Decide need include bank loan agreement lawyer fees or not
Decide and sign one offer
Check with lawyer film pricing
Decide which bank panel lawyer to use
Pass all document to lawyer
Bank will pass offer letter detail to lawyer film
Settle cukai tanah,cukai pintu,water and electric
change water and electric owner name
Sign property agreement, bank loan agreement.
Pass all bill to lawyer for claim
Lawyer will check title,bankruptcy,ROB,
Buy balance bank draft
Lawyer ask bank come out money
Open bank account (for flexi loan)
Start pay installment
Lawyer claimed back all the bill and cukai
Lawyer will give back all the agreement and document to prove that you are Ye owner

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